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The advancement of information technology has touched every aspect of our life due to which now we can do every activity online in a completely digital manner. Every year, millions of people from our country are migrating to different countries of Central Europe for their work. When you travel from one country to another or want to go for work, the first thing you need is a passport.

Without passport and visa, we can never enter the country and if we had to do this passport and visa for a long time in the past, now it has been greatly changed. Now regional passport offices have been launched in every department of the country where now those who are interested in getting passports can contact directly. Moreover, a specific website has been created on the basis of which all activities related to passports are now conducted.

For those of you who want to apply for passport digitally or passport application fee online, if you are looking for any information to check your current passport status, the first website you need to visit is epassport gov bd. You can get all the services of this website if you have the slightest idea about this website and you are going to get these ideas only on the basis of our website.

Bangladesh ICT authority has now separated each office due to which every office now has a specific website on the basis of which now the public can get each of their services. As a citizen of Bangladesh, if you want to get a digital passport right now, you can do it based on the specific rules that we have given here and follow the instructions given by us properly by entering the link on the website that we have given here.

E-Passport Login

The information we have shared with you at the beginning of the discussion is the information related to how to apply for passport online. So in this situation you must login after entering the official website but remember you can only login if you have already completed the registration. For this reason, enter the username and password you used when opening your account or the number on your passport NID card correctly. In the lower part you will get the option to set the password, enter the password you have correctly. If the information you have used is correct, click on the login option and after entering there, you can enter your profile and all the complications related to the passport can be verified from there.


E Passport Online Check

Since you have applied for the passport online and are interested to check the current status of the passport, you can follow the instructions given below. First of all I want to tell you that we have shared a link here (epassport gov bd) to verify the passport online, you must click on this link. After entering the website, click on passport status check option from there you will see different categories. Enter the passport number that you received while applying correctly. Mention the date on which you applied for the passport. If the information you used is correct, click on the last check option, you will see the current status of your passport.

E Passport Online Application Form

In applying for passport through online every applicant has to fill a form which application form is published in PDF form based on the official website. There are many people who go to different shops and look for this application form. If you want, you can download the application form from here in PDF format. After downloading the pdf file fill it with correct information i.e. you have all your personal information along with educational qualification information. Below I have shared the online passport application form for you and after downloading it you can complete the online application by filling it correctly.

Through this article we have given only information about the website and personal opinion about how each activity of this website is conducted. Due to the fact that this is a government website, when server complications arise, you may be in extreme trouble. If you want, you can tell us about your problem in the comment box below.