English For Competitive Exam PDF 2024 (New Edition) Download

English For Competitive Exam PDF is the most important book for all competitive exams like University Admission, BCS Preparation and other Job Preparation. Generally all the job seekers are looking for the book. However, the book is not available like other. So, we have collected the book and added the PDF file here. Therefore, you can download the book from here and read it properly.

English For Competitive Exam Book

Most of the students of our country become furious when they heard the subject name is English. Even, whenever they have graduated and looking for a job, they also a big lack in this subject. Without a good preparation in English you can not be selected for a job exam. BPSC has mentioned some books for job preparation. English For Competitive is listed on the top. So, undoubtedly you must read the book to make a good knowledge in English.


English For Competitive Exam PDF 2023 Download

As a job seekers you must like to buy a book and read it. However, sometimes the books are not available on the library. Meanwhile, there are some people who want to save the book on their device. As a result, they are seaching English For Competitive Exam PDF File. In addition, we have added the PDF file of this book. Now you can download the book from here.

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English For Competitive Exam Chapter Discussion

It is the book which will show you the right path to getting a good job and good knowledge in English. Specially the book is based on English Grammar and Literature . By reading the book you must learn a lots of things which you do not learn before. So, do not waste your time just follow the download link and save it now. [mehrab]

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  • Total Chapter : 22
  • Number of Pages : 153

Chapter At a Glance

  • Chapter-1 : Trouble with Tenses
  • Chapter-2 : Verb Forms : Right or Wrong
  • Chapter-3 : Agreement and Disagreement
  • Chapter-4 : Active and Passive Voice
  • Chapter-5 : Conditional Sentence
  • Chapter-6 : Translation
  • Chapter-7 : Appropriate Prepositions
  • Chapter-8 : Phrases & Idioms
  • Chapter-9 : Group Verbs
  • Chapter-10 : The Dangers with Determiners
  • Chapter-11 : Modal Auxiliaries
  • Chapter-12 : Narration
  • Chapter-13 Degree of Comparison
  • Chapter-14 : Substitutions, Expressions& Definitions
  • Chapter-15 : Antonyms & Synonyms
  • Chapter-16 : Spelling Mistakes
  • Chapter-17 : Conjunctions
  • Chapter 18 : Identifying Parts of Speech
  • Chapter 19 : Analogy
  • Chapter-20: Quotations
  • Chapter-21: Literature and Literary Terms
  • Frequently Asked Questions on Literature Literary Terms
  • Chapter-22: Miscellaneous

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