DSS Somajkormi (Union) Question Solution 2023 – Somajkormi Previous Years Question Bank

The Department of Social Service (DSS has decided to take a written test for the post of social worker in the Department of Social Services. 

To this end, on December 8, a notification regarding the examination was published on the official website of the Department of Social Service (DSS, where every applicant is invited to download the admit card. 

Those of you who have downloaded the admit card may have got the seat plan of the exam and have been informed about the date of the exam. 

Authorities will take the exam at the scheduled time on the specified day and each examinee will find a solution to their question as soon as the exam is over. 

We have been publishing the notification of all government and private job examinations in the country as well as the solution of his question.

DSS Somajkormi (Union) Question Pattern

The Department of Social Services is one of the largest government institutions in the country.  Although job examinations are held for different posts every year, this year examinations are being held for social worker posts.  Due to the Corona virus, it has been possible to take all the job tests for a long time, due to which the tests are being taken after a long time. 

The Department of Social Services conducts examinations in a total of three stages whereas in the first stage preliminary MCQ method is taken. 


You may be interested to know that in order to let them know what the question pattern of the Department of Social Services looks like, we have discussed in detail the question pattern here which has been created in the light of the experience of last few years.


The examinations conducted by the Department of Social Services in the MCQ system are usually based on ASI numbers where 20 marks from Bangla part 20 English Maths 20 General Knowledge from 20 percent to 100 marks have been changed in the last few years.  .

DSS Somajkormi (Union) Previous Years Question Bank PDF Download

Those who have completed the preparation for the exam have already downloaded it as well as they are taking the preparation so that they can pass the exam well. 

The Department of Social Services is expected to create this year’s question by following the previous year’s question, which is why all the candidates who will follow the exam will benefit a lot if they use the last few years’ question solution as preparation. 

In order to help you, we have uploaded here in PDF format with the solution of the questions of the last 10 years that you can easily download.

DSS Somajkormi (Union) Question Solution 2023

The written test of the Department of Social Services will be held on 24th December 2023 from 10 am to 11:00 am in different educational institutions of Dhaka district across the country. 

After taking this test for one hour based on the total number of 80, each candidate will find the solution to their question. 

In order to help Pakistan, we have solved every question in the light of experienced teachers over the last few years and published it here.

DSS Somajkormi (Union) Question Solution

This is the end of the discussion. We want to tell you that we have tried to solve each question correctly, but in many cases, you must forgive us.  Stay tuned for the next update to get the solution of any public-private question from here.