DOF Question Solution 2022 – DOF Previous Years Question Bank PDF

Department of Fisheries Authorities have announced written test dates for several posts in the Fisheries Department.  Last June, the authorities issued recruitment notices for a large number of vacancies where about 18,000 applicants had completed their applications. 

Finally, a notice regarding the examination was published on the official website dated December 8, 2022.  Observing the published notice, it is seen that written test of several posts of the Department of Fisheries will be taken on 24th December, 2022. 

It has been informed that the test will be taken at home within the stipulated time and the applicants will participate in the test in a fair environment. 

At the end of the test, all the applicants continue to find solutions to their questions.  In order to help them, we have collected the solutions of different questions of each post of the Department of Fisheries and published them here.

Department of Fisheries Question Pattern

Applicants are currently also interested to know about the type of question they are asking.  Their exam will be held on 24th December which is why they want to get an idea about the question cochlear pattern before the exam.  In order to help them we have presented detailed information about the pattern of questions here.

The test is based on a total of 80 marks where questions are asked from Bengali English Mathematics and General Knowledge. 

DOF Job Circular

The value of each question of the examinee is taken as 1 where each point has a negative mark of 25 marks.  That means your number will be deducted for answering every wrong question.

DOF Previous Years Question Bank PDF

The most important thing in preparing for the exam is last year’s question.  In the light of last year’s question you can easily get an idea about this year’s exam question.

On top of that there is a possibility of getting 30% comment from last year’s question.  In four cases we have published here the solution questions of all the examinations of the Department of Fisheries for the last 10 years.  You can easily download it in PDF format from here.




DOF Admit Card 

DOF Question Solution

The Department of Fisheries is one of the largest government agencies in the country.  Every year these authorities publish job advertisements for the purpose of recruiting their manpower. 

Candidates in the country complete the application and they are tested in three steps to join the job.  In the first stage the MCQ test is taken in the second stage in written form and through the last step viva the final appointment is given to one applicant. 

Today, on 24th December, 2022, several procedures of the Department of Fisheries have been completed simultaneously in different institutions of Dhaka from 10 am to 11 am. 

Interested candidates from each district of the country took part in the examination based on a total of 80 marks.

DOF Full Question Solution 

We have come to the last part of the discussion. We have tried our best to solve every question for you.  Every question has been answered correctly by an experienced Catholic teacher, but in many cases we have made a mistake.  Stay tuned to our website for solutions to all types of job recruitment exam questions.