Corona Virus Vaccine Registration in Bangladesh- Register On Surokkha App (সুরক্ষা অ্যাাপ)

The country’s Covid-19 vaccination drive will soon begin with an app for online registration set to be operational from January 21. People all over the country can fill up the form through a mobile called Surokkha from 21 January, 2021. According to the declaration of Health Department Officials we knew that 25 Lakhs people can registered in this app in the first phase. All the details and registration method will explain into the article. Please keep your eyes to learn more about it.

Covid-19 Surokkha App Bangladesh Details

The scientist all over the world are trying to discover Corona Virus Vaccine. Recently, a new Vaccine has revealed worldwide and it was got green signal from World Health Organization WHO. Then all the countries are preparing to import the vaccine to reduce Corona Virus Pandemic. The Government of Bangladesh also ordered the vaccine for us. However, all the people of our country will not get the vaccine. They have to register on a app which is known as Surokkha. Lets show you the details of this app.

  • Vaccine Name : Oxford Astrazeneca (অক্সফোর্ড-অ্যাস্ট্রাজেনেকা)
  • Import From : United States of America
  • Registration Begin : 21 January, 2021
  • App Name : Surokkha App
  • Total Dose : 4 Crore 90 Lakh
  • Registration Available : 25 Lakh
  • App Developed by : Department of Information and Communication Technology, the Dhaka DC office, and the Directorate General of Health Services.
  • News Source : The Daily Star

How to Register Corona Virus Vaccine in Bangladesh?

The registration will begin from 21 January, 2021. The doctors guess that if any country take the vaccine 60-70 percentage, the country will save from Covid-19. Additional Director General of the Department of Health confirmed that the registration will available for 18 Years old people. Lets know how to register for Corona Virus Vaccine.



  • Interested applicants have to visit on the DGHS official website or download the Surokkha App from google playstore. Go to google playstore and type keyword as Surokkha App and install it.
  • After downloading the app you have to register on it. You have to put your NID Card Number and Date of Birth To complete your registration.
  • Then the app will fill up the form automatically from your NID Database.
  • Applicants have to given their medical reports whatever they have diabetes, Cancer or other diseases.
  • The applicant must have to put their Permanent Address and Contact Number to fill up the form. Even an OTP One Time Password will be given on your Phone Number to complete the registration.

Terms and Conditions of Registration

  • People whose age more than 18 Years can register on Surokkha App for Corona Vaccine.
  • A person will get 2 Dose Corona Vaccine. The first dose will give shortly. The second dose will be given 12 Days later.
  • Immigration and various embassies will also be able to verify through a web portal whether a person has been vaccinated.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to order Corona Virus Vaccine Online?

Answer: By giving your accurate information on Corona Surokkha App, you can order Corona Vaccine online.

When the Surokkha Registration will start?

Answer: The Developer of the app declared that the app registration will continue from 21 January, 2021.

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