Class 6 English Assignment Answer 2022 (All Week)

Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has published 20 Weekend Assignment work for all secondary level student. Class 6 Students have got the assignment work from their school. According to the syllabus we saw that English Assignment Task has included on 2nd Week. Students are looking for the answer. In addition we are here to share the solution.

Class 6 English Assignment

English is the compulsory subject for Class 6 Student. The syllabus of this subject is very big. Due to Corona Virus the class has not taken. In case of students can not seat on class. So, Ministry of Education has recently published the English Assignment Task for the students. Lets introduce you with this.


  • Unit : 1
  • Lesson :
  • Lesson Name : Going to a new school
  • Assignment Number : 1

Class 6 English Assignment Answer 2nd Week

We hope that you have collected the assignment copy from your school. If you not collect it. You can grab it from here. After getting it students are looking for the solution. But there is a problem. DSHE authority mentioned that any students can not copy answer from guidebook. Even they can not copy other answer. For the purpose of the students our special answering team work hard for it. Finally, they have answered Class 6 English Assignment which is based on NCTB Textbook.


Syllabus Assignments Class : Six
Subject : English
Assignment 1
Think of your first day at school . What experience did you have then ? How did you feel – happy , frightened , thrilled or shy ? Why did you feel so ? In your writing use the following clues
a . When did you go there ?
Answer : I went to the school at 9.00 AM.
b . Who did you go with ?
Answer: I went to the school with my father.
c . How did you go there ?
Answer: At first we hired a Rickshaw to went the school. Then, we walked on foot more than 10 Minutes to reached the school.
d . Who did you meet there ?
Answer : We met with the Headmaster of the school.
e . What did you see there ?
Answer : When we reached the school we saw some students were playing and some of them gossiping.
f . What was interesting / boring to you ? Why ?
Answer : The Headmaster of the school is a nice guy. He asked some some questions and answered all the questions. Even, the class teacher was very friendly. Students and teachers welcomed me warmly.
g . How did you feel after returning home ?
Answer : After returning home i felt very happy. A new journey was waiting for me. I had a lots of dreams on my new school.
Assignment 2
Lesson 2 :
Think of a situation when you did learning of the lesson something brilliant and somebody is donc , give this congratulated you . Maybe you assignment to your played or sang well or cooked students . Instruct something for your family or had your students to a success somewhere . Now write reflect on their own about that experience . life and experience In your writing , mention the rather than copying following things .
 1. What happened ?
2. When it happened ?
3. Who congratulated you ?
4. How he / she congratulated student to resubmit it . ( e.g. what language was used )
5. How did you feel it ?
Think of an unhappy situation They can write about when you were upset but their success / happy somebody helped you overcome feelings or they can your bad time . In your writing , write about their mention the following things
1. What was the occurrence ?
2. How did you feel ?
3. Who consoled you ?
4. What language he / she used ?
5. How did he / she help you to overcome that situation ?
Assignment 3
Lesson 5 : Thanks for your work
Think of a person who is a service provider in your school / locality or at your home . We know , during the lockdown some of these people lost their jobs and thus faced different types of problems .
Make a poster on one such person answering the following questions .
1. What is his / her name ?
2. Where does he / she live ?
3. What does he / she do ?
4. How does his / her work help you / your family ?
5. When does he / she start and finish work ?
6. How does he / she do the work ?
7. Is he / she satisfied with the job ? Why or why not ?
8. What was his / her problems / challenges during Covid – 19 ?
9. Could he manage to overcome those challenges ? How / if not , why not ?
10. How are you personally benefitted from this person ?
Assignment 4
Completing the Story…
Fahmida loves eating , Both of her for completing story . parents are good cook but she is Students DO NOT very fond of her father’s cooking need to reproduce the Mr. Rahman tries different new part of the story told items . It was a weekend and here . However , if any raining heavily outside . Mr. student reproduce it , Rahman declared , ” Hey guys , I’m DO NOT penalize . going to cook for you today ” . Fahmida along with her brothers and sisters cheered – Yeeh ! Mrs. Rahman said ….
Assignment 5
Covid – 19 has been the most difficult headache for the whole world . Vaccine against Covid – 19 has just come out and not available for all . During this , health and hygiene are very crucial issues . Now , write an assignment including the following points :
a ) What is Covid – 19 and what are common symptoms of it ?
b ) What is the Covid situation in Bangladesh ( number of infections , death , recovery ) so far ?
c ) What should we do to prevent Covid – 19
d ) What traditional medication could be considered as precautions ? .
Assignment 6
Think of the title ” Son of the soil ” for title justification . in Lesson 12
  •  Who is the Son of the soil ‘ here ?
  • Why is he named so ?
  • How does the title match the feedback , tell personality refereed to the lesson ?
whether they could usc argumentative Justify your answer in 150 words .

Class 6 English Assignment Answer (6th Week)

4th Week have passed finally the new assignment of English has scheduled. Students of class 6 are going to the new work. The 4th Week assignment has revealed on 12 April, 2021. Where English subject has included. However, students are very curious to know about the answer. In case of we are here to publish the assignment answer in front of you.


  • Unit : 2
  • Lesson :
  • Week : 6
  • Assignment Number : 2

Class 6 English Assignment Answer (8th Week)

By following the assignment schedule we saw that English Assignment task has been added on 8th Weekend assignment which is revealed on 26 April, 2021. Students of the class 6 has got it from their own school. But it is a matter of sorrow that they are very nervous to answer the question. For the purpose of the students we have answered through the NCTB Textbook. We hope that you must get it from here.


  • Assignment No : 3
  • Unit : 3
  • Unit Name :

Class 6 English Assignment Solution (11th Week)

Due to Corona Virus the educational institutes has not opened yet. As a result the students have not seat for the class. In addition Ministry of Education has published 20 Weeks assignment work for class 6 students. It is the 4th time the assignment task has out. 4th Week assignment has included two subject. English is one of them. We are going to provide the assignment answer here.


Class 6 English Assignment Answer (16th Week)

Finally the 16th Week Assignment Schedule has revealed. There are two subjects into this weekend. English is the main subject for the student which is added in this weekend. In this work English 2nd Paper Grammer related question has created. They are looking for the solution. Here we present the answer.

Class 6 English Assignment Answer ( 20th Week)

Finally, the last assignment task has revealed. Students are very happy for that. The assignment is running from 20 March, 2021 and finally it is going to be finished. However, student of class 6 must submit English Assignment answer of 20th week. We have answered the assignment accurately. So, you can collect it from here.


Important Notice For The Students

  • A student must collect the assignment from their school.
  • Any student can not use the Guidebook.
  • If any student copy other student answer, then their assignment work will ban, They have to rewrite it.
  • Student must fill up the Cover Form of the assignment with all the details.
  • Not only student but also their parents can submit it.
  • However, student must submit it before the deadline. Then, they must collect the new assignment work.

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In conclusion of the article we want to share it that you must get the accurate the answer from our website. So, stay with us and be patient for the update.

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