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Class 6 Bangla Assignment Solution- Directorate of Secondary and Higher Education has notified the new notice for High School Assignment on their official website. According to the notice board we knew that High School 5th week Assignment has revealed today. So, the students will going to get new homework. On the 5th weekend the compulsory subject for all class 6 students Bangla has added. DSHE has mentioned that students must submit the assignment timely. For the purpose of the students we are going to share the Class 6 Bangla Assignment with full solution. Therefore, you must keep your eyes below the article to get accurate answer.

Class 6 Bangla Assignment

On 27 November, 2022 the high school short syllabus has published. According to the short syllabus it was mentioned that the high school authority will distribute assignment among the students. And students have to submit the assignment timely by following the rules and regulation.

On the first weekend the Bangla Assignment has already added. However, the short syllabus has not complete yet. So, DSHE has added the new assignment task in Bangla Subject on the 5th weekend. Finally the 5th week assignment has published. Lets check what is the homework task?

Class 6 Bangla Assignment Solution

We are Bangladeshi. So, our mother tongue is Bangla. Even, Bangla is added as compulsory subject for all grade students. Bangla is the main subject for Class 6 students. Most of the students of our country think that it is an easy subject. But it is not so easy subject.

On the 5th Weekend Bangla Assignment has added into it. The school authority has fixed a date for submit the assignment. So, students have not so much time to complete the assignment. Whatever, they can not follow the guidebook. It is also a big problem for them.

However, we are ready to help you. Our expert team have solved your 5th week Bangla Assignment Solution. You can use the assignment solution from here and use the answer to complete your assignment.

নিচের রচনা অংশটুকু চলিত রীতিতে রূপান্তর করো
তারপর স্বর্গীয় দূত পূর্বে যে টাক ওয়ালা ছিল তাহার কাছে গেলেন সেখানে গিয়ে আগের মতো একটি গাভী চাহিলেন দেহ ধবল রোগের মতো তাকে কিছুই দিল না তখন স্বর্গীয় দূত বললেন আচ্ছা যদি তুমি মিথ্যা বলে থাকো তবে যেমন ছিলে আল্লাহ তোমাকে আবার তেমনি করিবেন। ছাড়া আমার দেশে পৌঁছাবে তার কোন উপায় নাই। যিনি তোমাদের চোখ খুব ভালো করিয়া দিয়াছেন আমি তোমাকে সে আল্লাহর দোহাই দিয়ে একটা গাড়ি চাইতেছি যেন আমি সেই ছাগল বেচা টাকা দিয়ে দেশে ফিরে যাইতে পারি।


Class 6 5th Week Bangla Assignment Answer

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বিশেষ চাহিদা সম্পন্ন সহপাঠীর প্রতি তোমার আচরণ কেমন হওয়া উচিত বা অনুচিত তা একটি ছকের মাধ্যমে তুলে ধরো

In Conclusion, we have tried our best to share the assignment solution accurately. Our solution team worked hard and soul to complete the assignment solution. If you have done any mistake, you must contact with us. Thank you.

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