Class 5 Assignment 2022 PSC PDF

Class 5 Assignment- Class 5 is the most important grade in our educational journey. Every year Primary School Certificate PSC Exam has taken. But this year it will not be held. Then, how the students will promote in the next class?

All of us know that due to Corona Virus all the educational institutes are closed for a long time. Even, all the exams have cancelled for this pandemic. In this critical situation, Our Education Ministry thinks about the students safety and finalized that they will not open the school at this time. On the other hand they will not taken any exam this year.

Class 5 Assignment Notice Publish

The situation is too critical to cancelled the exams. Now Directorate of Primary Education has decided that they will publish a notice for the attention of the primary students. Since the exam has not taken, they would publish a notice on their official website .

 According to the notice board we know that a short syllabus will publish very soon where Class 5 all subject syllabus will shortlisted. However, they are making the plan but do not publish the notice yet. We hope that Class 5 Assignment Notice will publish very soon. When they publish the notice, we will share it with you.


Class 5 Short Syllabus

Directorate of Primary Education DPE has decided that they will publish the short syllabus very shortly. Since there will no annual exam will take, students will far away from their studies. Then, they will have a big lack on their studies. For the purpose of the students Directorate of Primary Education has decided a decision that they will short the syllabus.

On March the primary school has closed. It means students are completed a little part of their academic syllabus. However, they have created a short syllabus and ready to publish the syllabus very shortly.

Class 5 Assignment Solution

DPE already declared that Primary School Certificate PSC exam will not be taken this year. Then the authority thought that if the Corona Situation will under control, they would take the annual exam. But now it is also impossible to take the Annual Exam in this critical conditions.

When the assignment will come at students hands, they will try to solve it. It will be mentioned on the assignment that students can not use their Guidebook. So, they must follow the textbook to solution the assignment. We always try to stay with the students. As usual we have made the solution by an expert team. Even, the assignment solution is always taken from your textbook. Without any doubt you can use the assignment solution and submit to your school.

Class 5 All Subject Assignment Solution

Class 5 is the last class of Primary Grade Education. So, the class has a huge value in our educational life. There are total 6 Subjects for class 5 students. They are Bangla, English, Mathematics, Environmental Introduction of Society, Environmental Introduction of Science, Islamic Studies and Hinduism Studies.

However, it is impossible to take the all assignment at a time. So, DPE has issued that only 3 subjects will be included on a weekend. However, it is officially not confirmed how many subject will include into the weekend.

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