BCS Preliminary Book List- All BCS Preparation Book Name

BCS Preliminary Book List- BCS Exam is the most competitive test in our life. Even, students are more interested to get BCS. However, if you think you want to get BCS, you need a good preparation. Without proper preparation you will not pass in BCS Test.

Every year BPSC has taken the BCS Exam with a test. Since this is a competitive test, the authority take the exam in 3 steps. At first, it takes Preliminary Test which is the main test for a examine. We will talk about this Preliminary test. Because here we present all BCS Preliminary Book which will help you to get BCS.

BCS Preliminary Book

A book is the most important thing in our life. Because it shows the outside world and we can acquire knowledge by reading books. Whenever, you want to take part in a competitive exam, you need to read some specific books. By reading those books, you can make a good preparation for the exam. In addition, we have added the full book list of BCS Preliminary Book.

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BCS Preliminary Book List

BCS Preliminary Bangla Book List

Bangla is the main part of BCS Preliminary Test. There are 35 Marks in Bangla. So, You must need a better preparation in Bangla to get BCS. But most of the students do not know which book they should read for the exam. Here we present the Bangla Book List for you.


BCS Preli English Book List

Most of the students of our country have a big lack in English. As a result, they do not make a good result in BCS Exam. English Section falls a big impact on BCS Exam. Because the subject has a huge value. There are 35 Marks in English. Whatever, they need to know the English Book name which will help them to pass in Preli Exam.


BCS Preliminary Math Book List

There are 15 Marks in Math Section. Whenever, we hear Mathematics subject name, we feel afraid. Because most of the students of our country become very weak at Math. So, they do not get a good marks in the test. However, you can make a good preparation at Math if you follow some books.


Bangladesh Affairs BCS Preliminary Book List

There are 30 Marks in Bangladesh Affairs Section. However, we have added the book list of this subject. So, you must check the book list from here.


Geography BCS Preliminary Book

Geography consist in 15 marks in BCS Exam. So, the subject mark is very important for a student to make a good result. In addition, we have presented Geography book list in front of you.


Computer and Information Technology Book List


Moral, Values and Governance 


Science Book List 


In Conclusion, we hope that if you read the following books, you can make a good preparation for BCS Exam. So, we suggest you to buy the book as soon soon as possible. Thank you.

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