Ashura Shia 2021- How to pray for Shia Muslims during Ashura

Sunni and Shia Muslims observe Ashura on 20th August, 2021 which is the 10th Day of Maharram Month. The people all over the world is going to observe this day.

For the minority Shia branch of Islam will observe the day very mourning. Ashura mourns the martyrdom of Mohammed’s grandson Husayn ibn Ali, the third Shia Imam.

Since Shia Muslims observe Ashura as a day of mourning, there are various traditions on this day, including mourning processions and re-response of the martyrs. This is a sad day for Muslims all over the world.

Ashura Shia 2021

The followers of Shia and Sunni of Islam Branch have observed the day with mourning. Do you really want to know about the day observation. Then, we are going to show you the full details.

Shia and Sunni followers celebrate this day in a special way. They have organised it in different ways and we have described it below.
Celebrating Ashura is a tradition of Shia Sunni followers due to which they observe this day in different ways every year. This day is celebrated as a very sad and significant day through various acts of worship and in exchange for sacrifices.
We hope you have read our article and found out the details of Ashura Shia-Sunni observance. Thank you very much for being by our side.