All Public Universities Online Admission Test (Online Exams)

The Ministry of education and the University Grant Commission has taken a decision on 6 May, 2021 where it is suggested that if the Corona situation will not improve, all the public university will take the online exams for the academic session  2020-21. Now it is the hot topic of this month and there is a question on our mind that how to take the exam. Lets show you the full information.

What is Online exam ?

Generally,we have to taken part the exam by sitting on a exam hall. But do you have any idea about online exam? An Online exam is a process to participate on it through virtually. It means students have to seat for the exam through internet connect from a electric device.

Terms and Conditions for Public University Online Exam

The technical committee has created 7 terms and conditions to take the exam. Students must follow those conditions.

  • The final assessment of any subject should be completed online without delay after the theoretical and practical lessons have been completed online. Not only is it possible to complete the test without working hand-in-hand in all the practical courses, it must be done in the classroom at a convenient time following proper hygiene.
  • Ongoing methods and scale grades need to be provided by ensuring true merit and transparency of the student as opposed to all subjects in the assessment.
  • Universities will adopt a clear method of taking online exams that are suitable for them and will follow the appropriate rules considering all the facilities in terms of reality.
  • The final marks on any theoretical subject and practical subject that do not require hands-on work can be provided with an online test.
  • Videos of various experiments in the practical class have to be uploaded on the website of the concerned department and students have to send the old data of the experiment in email. Students will analyze these data and give a brief report to the concerned teacher.
  • Theses that are not lab based can be supervised online. Supervision of lab-based thesis can be done online following proper hygiene rules. Viva can be taken online after the hardcopy of the thesis is accepted.
  • In order to complete online classes and exams smoothly, it is necessary to ensure internet availability and required speed in remote areas. The Ministry of Education may request the appropriate authority for this.

How to Participate in the Virtual Online Admission Test

The main topic is now how to participate the exam. The University Grant Commission has not revealed yet. However, previous some online exam experience we hope that the exam can be taken through Google Meet, Zoom Online Class Google Classroom and workplace apps.

As well as they can build a custom software for taking the online exam. They have to log in to the apps by putting roll number or registration number.

Needed things :

Students should collect Mobile or Computer, a microphone, camera or that kind of device.

Final Words

Undoubtedly, it is a good decision for UGC. Due to Corona Virus students are facing a great trouble. In addition, it is a great step. Stay with us form more update.