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Prayer is the second pillar of Islam. A true Muslim should attain the Lord’s satisfaction by praying five times a day. Every worship of the servant is very dear to the great creator but prayer is a very favorite worship to the great creator. Therefore, we must pray five times with the congregation to achieve our own satisfaction and to achieve the closeness of God.

It is the duty of every believing Muslim to attain nearness to Allah. Moreover, we have to follow all the religious restrictions. We will inform you some information about today’s prayer schedule through today’s article. This article is for those who are looking for today’s prayer schedule. You will get the correct information about today’s prayer schedule if you read the article completely.

Today’s Namaj schedule

It is better for every believer to pray at certain times. Because it has been repeatedly said that when the time for prayer is good, it should be performed at the right time. Yes, there is no problem if the time is less or more due to any reason. Because the creator has not forced anything on the servants, if you do not get time, there is no problem if some time is less or more.

Many people are interested in knowing the prayer schedule especially those who perform five daily prayers regularly. And if we know the correct time of prayer, we will be able to pray at the right time accordingly. Moreover, if the martyr of the congregation prays five times, we can avoid all sins. The virtues of praying five times a day are many. If we pray five times a day, our sustenance increases, mercy descends on our family, and our small sins are forgiven many times. Moreover, the danger is less on us.

In every place of Islam there is a mention of five times obligatory prayer. Let us have a look at the five times prayer schedule today

Ajker Fojorer Namajer Somoy

Islam mentions five times of prayer, the first of which is the Fajr prayer. The time of this prayer starts from Subha Sadiq and the time of this prayer lasts until the sun rises. It is better for every believer to perform the Fajr prayer at a fixed time. Fajr prayer is very important among other prayers. The prayer of this time is finished when two rakat sunnat prayers are performed first and then two rakats obligatory prayers are performed. Later, many people can recite the prayer, it is a matter of their respective periods.

Zohar Prayer Schedule Today

This prayer time starts when the sun is in the middle of the sky. This prayer time starts from around 12:30 p.m. Zuhr prayer total 12 rakat. This time prayer ends with four rakat sunnat, four rakat farj, two rakat sunnat and two rakat nafal. Basically, many people try to avoid the Sunnah prayer of this prayer. But this is wrong. No matter how busy you are, performing the Sunnah prayer at this time is an act of great reward.

Asar prayer schedule today

This prayer time begins when the sun rises in the eastern sky. Usually this prayer time is from 4 to 5:30. Asr prayer total 8 rakat four rakat sunnat and four rakat fard. This four rakat sunnat prayer is called sunnat muakkadah.

Maghrib prayer schedule today

Maghrib prayer time starts after sunset. Maghrib time begins when the sun’s red glow pours into the western sky. Maghrib prayer total 7 rakat three rakat fard two rakat sunnat and two rakat nafal. This prayer should be performed immediately after Maghrib Azan. Because there is less time for prayer at this time.

Today’s Isha prayer schedule

Bleeding started shortly after Isha prayer and Maghrib prayer. A total of 15 rakat prayers at this time. Four rakat sunnat four rakat farz, two rakat sunnat, two rakat nafal and three rakat beet prayer ends this time prayer.

Through this article today, we have informed you about today’s prayer schedule. Many Muslim brothers and sisters are searching for today’s prayer schedule, this is our today’s prayer schedule for them.

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